Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6) Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum is right up there with coolest places we have ever been!!! We met our friends there this week to check it out, they are Please Touch regulars so they showed us all the highlights. First we played in their giant kids grocery store, fully equipped with kid size grocery carts, 4 aisles, and a meat department and bakery section. Bee even got stickers for putting all her groceries away when they were done. We had a delicious lunch in the Please Taste Cafe (and very reasonably priced I might add) and ate our lunch next to the carousel. After lunch we went for a ride on the carousel which all the girls loved. After lunch we checked out a musical instrument exhibit, an Alice in Wonderland exhibit, rode a bus (which Bee drove), played in the biggest water table I have ever seen, dressed like doctors, took care of babies in the nursery, played in a shoe store and had a tea party with the Mad Hatter.

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