Thursday, July 26, 2012

66) The Snowball Stand

Every region seems to have some delicious frozen dessert that they are famous for. In Baltimore we have the snowball, a finely chopped ice, lathered with flavored syrup (sometimes marshmallow depending on who you ask) and served in a cup with a plastic spoon. I think it is the job of Baltimore kids to spend their summers sampling snowballs to determine what will become their lifelong flavor. Ask most Baltimore grown-ups and the can quickly tell you what kind of snowball they are. Me, I am an egg custard kinda gal. A few weeks ago the kids and I went to visit one of our favorite local snowball stands (there are many in Baltimore and most have a pretty die hard following) on the corner of Falls Road and Seminary Road just at the end of 83. We like this one not only because it is close by but also because they clearly cater to the younger kid crowd. They have a large fenced in area for kids to run around, most of which is paved. They have jump ropes and bins of sidewalk chalk to keep kids busy in between bites and a huge list snowball flavors. Maybe next summer we could do a snowball tour... mmmm that sounds like a delicious idea!

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