Saturday, May 26, 2012

15) Inspiration: Wizard of Oz

The Bean is just a few weeks away from her 2nd birthday and she has all of the sudden become such a big kid. She talks like crazy, has no trouble keeping up with her big sister and is really starting to develop her own style. Her current obsession is the Wizard of Oz and when I say obsession I'm not kidding. She woke up the other morning at 6:30am calling my name, when I went in she looked at me and said "I be Dorothy." Which meant that she wanted to put on her Dorothy dress, a favorite hand me down from our awesome neighbors. She watches the movie any chance she gets, listens to the soundtrack in the car and sings her own rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." So it goes without saying that the rest of our family has been spending a lot of time reading, listening, watching and thinking about the Wizard of Oz too. Which is why this weeks inspirations are all about the "Wizard of Oz":

Stuff to Make:
She would love to have her own Yellow Brick Road.
Glitter is not my favorite but I could over look that to make these in red for a certain birthday girl.
I also love these DIY ideas for Somewhere Over The Rainbow wall art by 5 foot 12 creations

Places to Go:
The Smithsonian to see the one of the pairs of real ruby red slippers in person!

Books to Read:
Of course there is the original Wizard of Oz series by L.Frank Baum, which I learned at the book store the other day consists of 14 separate books! I had no idea there were that many. While the Bean isn't quite ready for those she does love this one, The Wizard of Oz Scanimation by Rufus Butler Seder.


  1. My boys LOVED The Wizard of Oz when we watched it. It was fun for me too, watching it again as an adult. :) I even designed a poster based on a line from the movie because I couldn't get it out of my head:

  2. Thanks Rosa! I love that poster!