Thursday, July 5, 2012

123) DIY Sponge Balls

I have had this Sponge Ball Tutorial from One Charming Party on my Stuff to Make for Kids Pinterest board since last summer. Last week I finally got the chance to make them. The kids love them, they were really easy and inexpensive to make and they add just a little more excitement to water play on a hot day!

To make the Sponge Balls all you need is a few sponges and some floss or string. You cut the sponges into long thin strips with a pair of scissors. Then arrange 10-12 sponge pieces, stacked two high with a string or floss underneath the middle. Tightly pull the string until you create a ball, then knot and got off the excess string. You may need to fluff and arrange a little to get the balls right. We have been playing with our in the bath, in the pool and in a tub of water in the backyard. Every place they have been a hit!


  1. This is so very cool, I'll make some for my little neighbors. Nice job.