Sunday, January 29, 2012

86) Coffee Filter Flowers


We don't actually have a coffee maker that uses coffee filters anymore but since they are very cheap and you get something like 500 in a pack, they are definitely worth keeping around. Not to mention that there are lots of cool things you can do with them. The Bee and The Bean are big fans of coffee filters and mostly love cutting them up or drawing on them but last week we made them even more exciting by dying them. We stayed with our food color trend by adding some food coloring to a little water in muffin tins. I then folded a bunch of coffee filters into triangles, the same way you would if you were cutting snowflakes. The girls then dipped the folded coffee filters into water. The coffee filters suck up the water and food coloring, making it look really cool. If you dip into multiple colors you get a nice blending, which the Bee was very excited to discover. After the girls had dipped all the coffee filters we unfolded them and let them dry. The Bee and I then made a few of them into flowers by folding them back into triangles and twisting the pointy end. We made the bloom by pulling the pieces of the coffee filter apart a little and the stem by twisting a pipe cleaner around the end. The Bee also cut up some of the dyed coffee filters to use in a collage, her favorite go to activity. Our beautiful flower arrangement is now sitting on our mantel and the best part is I don't have to remember to water them!

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