Thursday, March 22, 2012

42) Play People Riddles

I don't remember exactly how or when we started playing this game, but it is one of our family favorites. It is a great game for the car, waiting at the doctors office or those moments when you need a quick distraction. The game goes like this, one person describes a character, object or real life person in 3 quick statements without using their name. The other person then has to guess who it is. An example: She is a young girl, who lives in a hotel, with her nanny. The answer: Eloise (currently one of The Bee's favorite books.) The Bee and I usually take turns asking and answering. My favorite is when she asks a riddle about someone we know in real life. It is so interesting to hear her descriptions and the 3 statements she chooses to describe someone. She recently gave me this one "He is tall, he likes Ursula from the Little Mermaid and he lives with Mom-Mom, answer Pop-Pop.

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