Tuesday, July 26, 2011

14) The Sondheim Fountain

Last week I read about the Sondheim Fountain on and thought it looked awesome! This morning after a fun breakfast in the harbor with friends both old and new we walked over to check it out. The girls loved it! We got there around 10am which was perfect because it wasn't very crowded and it was mostly other young kids playing. Bee loved running through the fountain trying to dodge the spray while still getting soaked. Bean crawled around in the water and liked reaching out to touch the sprays. She particularly enjoyed putting her feet on the spray and then would
giggle as the water tickled her feet. Since we had read about it ahead of time we brought a towel and our water shoes. Both girls had no interest in wearing their water shoes but I was very glad we had the towel. Next time we will definitely bring bathing suits!

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  1. You are awesome!! can you please send me all the fun blogs that you know about? I have updated my blog reader already! Thank you for helping me to be a cool mom! :)