Monday, February 13, 2012

92) Birthday T-Shirt for Dad

For us February isn't just abut Valentine's it is also about birthdays. This week alone we have 5 family members with birthdays! Over the weekend we celebrated the birthday of one of our most favorite people, The Bee and Bean's Dad. The girls have been talking for weeks about how they wanted to make him a present. So we went with something we already knew he likes, t-shirts! We got a plain blue t-shirt at the store.  I then found a piece of cardboard and put it inside the shirt between the two layers of fabric. I gave the girls two sharpie markers one black and one white. They then drew their own designs on the shirt. The only thing I told them was to only draw where the cardboard was so that the marker didn't bleed through. To make the design a little more interesting I placed the cardboard a little off center. The girls drawings looked very cool and their dad was so excited about his new shirt, especially because it was made just for him, with lots of love!