Tuesday, February 28, 2012

40) Floor Puzzles

I originally saw this idea a few months ago on Hands On: as we grow using small wooden blocks to fill in the square. I loved the idea and thought the girls would probably really like it too. For the holidays the girls got these large cardboard blocks, so we made our puzzle using those. I started by taping a large square onto the floor. The Bee quickly got the idea that she had to use the blocks to fill in the square. She loved the fact that there were so many ways she could do this and kept saying "I could use this block or I could use two of these." It was fascinating to see how fast she figured this out. While the Bee enjoyed figuring out the logistics of the puzzle the only part the Bean really cared about was destroying the puzzle. I tried to keep her occupied until after the Bee was finished and then she would run over and kick the blocks everywhere, giggling.  Fortunately, the Bee was surprisingly okay with this and it became part of the game.

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