Tuesday, September 6, 2011

24) Brookside Gardens (Butterfly Exhibit)

Despite the weather this morning we had a great trip to Brookside Gardens. In Montgomery County, Brookside Gardens is a 50 acre public gardens built in the 1950's. Although we did walk through the gardens a little and they were very beautiful our main reason for going this morning was to see butterflies. The Gardens have a butterfly exhibit every year that starts in May and runs through mid-September. It took us a little less then an hour to get there and before entering the glass conservatory, a guide explained a little bit about the cycle of butterflies and particularly the host plants that attract butterflies to a garden. Next we entered the conservatory and the amount of butterflies and moths were amazing. Many different varities of butterflies and moths flew around us and hung from trees. The conservatory was not very large wich was nice because you could allow kids to wander on their own without worrying. They had a few activites to teach kids about butterflies but mostly the kids we were with just really liked walking around and trying to find the butterflies campflauged by the plants and flowers. On the way out of the conservatory you have to do a shake of your clothes and hair just to make sure no butterflies have stowed away. The kids thought this shake was funny and liked the little dance. Overall both Brookside Gardens and The Butterfly show were great and I would love to take the Bee and Bean back another time, especially on a day when the weather was a little nicer.

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