Thursday, August 1, 2013

89) Summer Camp Week 7: Beach Week

Towards the end of every summer we make our annual trip to the beach. A week spent playing in the sand, jumping the waves and building sand castles. It is most definitely one of the highlights of our summer. So I thought this week we would do some fun beach stuff to help us get ready.

Monday: Rec Hall
We made these a few years ago but I thought it would be fun to make another set of DIY Sponge Balls to take on the trip. They are easy to make, a bigger kid could make them all by themselves, and they are lots of fun to play with.

Tuesday: Back in the Bunks
For those days when you really wish you were at the beach Sand Dough is a good alternative.

Wednesday: Mess Hall
Watercolor and Salt Painting seems like a good way to get ready for some saltwater. Maybe this year we could even try painting at the beach with salt water.

Thursday: Arts and Crafts
We have done Sand Box Plaster Casting to make sweet hand and foot prints, but I have always wanted to try this at the beach with found shells.

Friday: Outward Bound
Go to the Beach or to the lake, pond, or river. 

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