Monday, March 25, 2013

78) Go Sledding

Finally the day the Bee has been waiting for for over two years has arrived! Snow in Baltimore is sort of a hit or miss thing, some years we get lots and some years we get none. The last two years has fallen in the none (or very, very little) category. While we have had a few dustings this winter we have not had enough snow to sled and it has been making the Bee crazy. All she has been wanting to do was go sledding. So this morning when we woke up, we were all a little surprised to not just find snow but to find a lot of snow. There was no question what we would do this morning. So we got all bundled up and took a short car ride to a nearby school with a huge hill perfect for sledding. We were delighted to find some of our friends already on the sledding hill and lots of other kids with the same good idea. I was honestly a little nervous, after all the hype, that they wouldn't really like it. Or that they would be too scared or too cold. But they loved it. The Bean just as much as her big sister.  So we got in our sledding day, but just barely. Now, let's see some Spring!

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