Thursday, March 28, 2013

80) Baltimore Museum of Industry

Over the girls spring break we took a field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry. While they had never actually been there before the girls were very excited about the trip because the Baltimore Museum of Industry is where my husband and I got married. The girls love looking at our old wedding photos, seeing us much, much younger, in beautiful clothes. The Bee has asked me a thousand questions about our wedding and were we got married so going to the Museum of Industry to see it first hand was pretty exciting. All the wedding stuff aside, I was curious to go to the museum with the kids and see what they would they would think of it. 

The Baltimore Museum of Industry is located right on Key Highway just the Visionary Art Museum from the Harbor. It is open Tuesday-Friday from 10am-4pm and they often have special events and programs for families, to find out check the website.  The museum is free to kids under 6 and the admission for adults is $12, kids over 6 are $7. When we first walked in I have to admit I got a little nervous, there is a lot of cool stuff to look at and a lot of cool stuff you don't want your little kids to touch. I was pleasantly surprised that the girls seemed to get that and were pretty happy to wander and look. A lot of the history and facts went right over their heads, although would probably be interesting to kids a little older, but they liked looking at all the old machines, tools, printing presses and other cool stuff. We quickly discovered that every room had a small green trunk just for the littlest visitors filled with kids books, puzzles, pictures and other stuff related to the exhibit in the room. The girls loved these trunks and began scanning every room we entered to find the trunk. We spent a good 30-40 minutes just wandering through the museum checking stuff out and looking in the trunks. The girls loved the lotto machine and I was fascinated by the printing press room. After walking around through the inside of the museum we walked outside for an incredible view of the harbor. There is also a large pavilion with some picnic tables, so I am thinking next time we might go and bring lunch to eat outside. The girls had fun playing outside for a while, looking at the water, and running around the large sculpture on the grounds. When we it was time to go the Bee was sad to leave, always a good sign of a successful field trip. I am hoping we can go back this spring or summer to check out one of their family programs or maybe just have a picnic lunch by the water.

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