Friday, May 25, 2012

59) Kennilworth Farmers Market

 Our second stop on the Farmers Market Tour was at the Kennilworth Farmers Market. The Kennilworth Farmers Market is located in Towson in the parking lot around the Kennilworth mall. The Market is open every Tuesday from 3:30-6:30 starting May 1 through November 20th. This is the first time we have visited this market, so I don't know if it is always this small or if more vendors join the market as the season goes on. Seeing as that it is still so early in May my guess is that more vendors will be joining. However we loved the fact that it was a smaller market. The vendors were lovely and so helpful, there was plenty of produce, plants and other goods without being too much. We were able to jump out of the car, walk around, pick up some stuff for dinner and be on our way. At one stand the lady working offered the Bee a taste of some pea greens, something I would never have imagined she would eat. To my complete surprise she not only happily ate them, but then turned to me and asked if we could get some to take home. This Farmer's Market Tour thing is already paying off!

Here is what we got at the market:

Spinach (look for a dinner recipe coming soon)
Pea greens
A pepper plant for our garden
De-hydrated apple slices (which were a big hit)
and I couldn't resist these beautiful flowers, especially after I found out they were called Redonkulous, it was just a great name.

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