Saturday, September 10, 2011

23) Plastic Hangers?

Today while doing some change of season kids clothes shopping with a dear friend, the checkout girl at the store we were in asked my friend if she would like to keep her hangers. My friend declined saying she had plenty at home and the girl took the clothes off and threw the hangers in a large box on the ground that was already brimming with plastic hangers. My friend, out of curiosity asked if they reused the hangers and the girl told her no, they rarely reuse the hangers and that most often they just get thrown out. This seemed unbelievable and of course being me, I immediately begin to try and think about what could be made with all those plastic hangers. So far, I've got nothing. Anyone have any good plastic hanger projects? Or any ideas?


  1. Shocking! They're good if you ever want to sell clothes at a consignment sale. Otherwise, I've got nothin'! What store was this?

  2. Make a Mobile?