Tuesday, May 22, 2012

41) The Postcard Project: Greeting From...

Last summer the Bee and the Bean received a post card from their friend across the street. He sent it while on a trip to the beach. It was one of those greetings from... postcards and it sparked a whole conversation about where he was, what it was like there and where that was in relation to us. This conversation got me thinking, how cool would it be to exchange postcards with other kids and get to see what it is like where they are. Of course being an art teacher I thought wouldn't it be even cooler if the kids themselves designed a postcard about their home, town, city or country. So this is how the Greetings From... project came about and I hope that you will join us!

To participate:
1) anybody can participate, all children are welcome.

2) on a 4x6 piece of paper ask your child to design a postcard about the place that he/she lives or is visiting. It could be a drawing, painting, photo, collage, or mixed media, realistic,abstract or interpretive, really whatever you want to make.
3) take a photo of the postcard and email it to me at gillharveyk@gmail.com and please include the following info:
- child's name (just first name is fine)

- You don't have to have a blog to participate but if you do include that link too.
- place were your postcard is from (no addresses generic state or location is fine)
- If you would like to receive a color your own Greetings From... postcard from us in the mail as a thank you for participating in the project please also include a mailing address (Mailing addresses will not be published)
4) Check back to the blog (childhoodlist.blogspot.com) for frequent updates to the Greetings From... Gallery and please share with others. The more children that participate the more interesting it will be.
5) The final date to submit your postcard will be Labor Day (Monday September 3rd.)


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