Wednesday, June 6, 2012

61) Sailwinds Park East Playground

 I am a fan of the road trip and the girls are usually up for a change of scenery. However, almost without fail, after and hour and a half in the car, some little alarm goes off in my kids.  After an hour and a half of being happy and pleasant they instantaneously become grumpy, whiny and antsy. I can't blame then an hour and a half is a long time to be stuck in the car. Yet every summer we make several trips to the beach, 3 hours away. On our trip last summer I was ecstatic to discover the Sailwinds East Park and Playground. The playground is located just off of Route 50 in Cambridge (right past Easton) on the Choptank river Almost exactly and hour and a half from Baltimore. The park is attached to the Dorchester Visitors  Center and is the perfect place to stop and burn a little energy before getting back in the car for the rest of the trip to the beach. 

The playground has four large play structures with bridges, tunnels, slides and monkey bars. One of the climbers is a large pirate ship which the girls loved steering. This playground has a great view of the Choptank River and the large route 50 bridge crossing the river. In addition to all the play structures there are also hanging swing benches, a covered pavilion, walking path, beautiful monument and a small beach. We had a great time exploring the park, checking out the views and water, doing a little playing and then getting back in the car ready for the next leg in our journey!

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