Wednesday, November 14, 2012

76) Art Off The Wall

Art Off the Wall takes two of my most favorite things (art and parks) and puts them together! We actaully came upon our first Art Off the Wall exhibit by accident at Cylburn Arboretum. We were walking along the path and suddenly there was a larged framed painting in front of us. We were all a little confused but also delighted. Attached to the painting was a box filled with maps showing all the other Art Off the Wall paintings on display in the city. The open air exhibit is presented by the Walters Art Museum and features painting from their collection. With 24 paintings displayed in parks and public places around the city I think it is a really cool way to check out some art. Since finding our first Art Off the Wall painting we have found a few others, above is a photo of the Bee at Meadowwood Park, follow this link to see a full map. I am hoping we get to check out most if not all of the paintings before the exhibit closes in April!

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