Wednesday, May 29, 2013

82) Summer Camp Week 2: Grow

We have been a little pokey this spring with our annual vegetable garden. We just finally put in our tomato plants last week and the rest of our seeds just a little bit before. Thankfully the cool spring weather has worked to our advantage and all our plants are starting to grow. The Bee, at this point, is a seasoned gardener who loves to check out the progress of the plants and help me with the weeding. The Bean's interest comes and goes but she does love to help with any digging.

Monday: Rec Hall
By far the girls most favorite gardening activity is watering, usually themselves as much as the plants. We always have a plethora of Recycled Bottle Watering Cans around. They are easy to make, using something you probably already have in your recycling bin and so fun to use.

Tuesday: Back in the Bunks
For a rainy day stuck in the house or maybe just some afternoon reading in the shade 12 Books That Make You Want to go Outside

Wednesday: Mess Hall
These Herb and Fruit Soap are easy to make, older kids could probably do it themselves, and a great gift for teachers. You can make the soaps with pretty much any herb or fruit so they are great for summer.

Thursday: Arts and Crafts
Right now our garden is filled with small plants and seedlings, making it hard to tell whats what. Since I am rarely organized enough to draw a map of the garden these Plastic Flower Garden Markers have come in handy. The girls loved making them, they hold up well and use materials right out of your recycling bin.

Friday: Outward Bound
Strawberry season is one of my most favorite times of the year. Not just because I love strawberries but because we take an annual trip Larriland Farms to pick them. This week get out and checkout where things grow! Take a trip to a pick-your-own farm, visit a farmers market or just find a place to Dig in the dirt.

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