Thursday, September 29, 2011

31) Patterson Park Playground

Today's Playground Tour stop is Patterson Park Playground located right on Eastern Ave. in Patterson Park. This play ground is impressive from the street, Baltimore themed with form stone walls, and other Baltimore landmarks play ground style. Split into two sections one a larger climber with slides and climbing walls that take up two stories for bigger kids and a smaller play area for little kids. Both play areas had some cool features but the one the Bean liked most was this small twirly plastic papazan chair in the little kid area. While I would have immediately been sick and the Bee got out after one spin, The Bean was all about spinning and spinning, giggling the whole time. The other benefit to this playground is that it is part of Patterson Park, which means there are other things to do and see there. Right next to the playground is a small duck pond, with a cool boardwalk area. We walked the entire pond checking out the ducks, lillipads and fish. You actually forget for a minute that you are right in the middle of Baltimore City. Definitely a playground we will be visiting again!

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