Friday, April 12, 2013

80) Sherwood Gardens

Spring in Baltimore is a finicky thing! This week we have had temperature in the low to mid 90's, two weeks ago we had snow. You just never know. So every Spring we take multiple trips to Sherwood Gardens waiting for the peak tulip days. Some years this happens early in April other years it is closer to the start of May. Yesterday we went over to visit the gardens and found that most of the beds haven't bloomed yet, but many are getting close and a few are out in full force. Sherwood Gardens is located in North Baltimore in the Guilford neighborhood. The six acre gardens are free and open to anyone and are the prefect spot for walking, climbing, picnincing or just enjoying the spring weather. The girls love to go check out the flowers (despite my constant reminders not to pick them), they have a few favorite trees there perfect for climbing, there is plenty of space for running and lots of benches to sit on. We almost always bring a blanket and a snack. I am guessing another week or so before the tulips are in full bloom (although I am no expert) and then in the end of May the tulip bulbs will be dug out and sold to anyone interested in having tulips in their own garden next Spring! 

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  1. Wow....I really love those flowers it is so wonderful and so colorful...What a great birthday parties nyc