Wednesday, February 29, 2012

21) How Did Mom's Do It Before the Internet?

While today is Leap Day it actually feels more like Groundhogs day around here. Well, more like the movie "Groundhogs Day," you know the one were Bill Murray re-lives the same day again and again. The morning started with buckling two sick kids into the car, driving to the doctors office, waiting in the waiting room, waiting in the patient room, telling the doctor the same thing (ear pain, crying, ear infection, ear drum rupture), taking kids back to car, buckling them in, driving to Target, going to pharmacy (where they now know me by name), walking around for 20 minutes, getting prescription, buckling two kids back into the car often stopping for some sort of sub-par meal because at this point sick kids are not only sick, and tired but also hungry and then going home to fight the "you have to take your medicine"battle. I know that was a ridiculous run-on sentence but as many of you know that is exactly how that day feels. We have lived that same day over and over again this winter (although if all goes as planned tubes are in our near future) and it is a tiring day. Yesterday, after an entire day at home by myself with sick kids I read two posts on two blogs I enjoy. The first from The Artful Parent and the second from Miranda Makes. Both posts shared the same sentiment, they were both mom's who had had one of those days. One of those days, were kids are sick, or whiny, or you are sick or whiny, where things didn't go as planned or you just didn't have the energy. Reading their posts made me feel so much better. They made me feel so much less alone, like I wasn't the only one. When I finally went to sleep I felt very thankful for being able to write this blog and read so many other great ones. It gives a structure to my day, it gives me a place to express myself and a place to meet others in the same situation. It really made me wonder, how did mom's do it before the Internet?

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  1. My mother watched soap operas all afternoon while she lay on the couch...