Wednesday, November 28, 2012

35) Braids

The Bee has very long hair. The long hair is all her decision, she loves it and as long as she lets me brush it and fix it I am okay with letting her have it however she wants. I do insist that she wears it back to school, just so that it is out of her eyes and not in her way while she is painting, playing and working. This means that every morning we take a few minutes to fix her hair. She and I sit together, while I quickly brush and braid. In the chaos of the morning routine, this quiet minute is usually my first moment to sit, breathe and get ready for the day. Every morning though I think about all the times I sat with my mom while she fixed my hair. This morning routine, feels like some kind of mom/daughter rite of passage. I think about all the moms and daughters who have sat down to braid hair before us and all the mom and daughters who will sit down to braid hair long after the Bee takes the job on all by herself. While there are plenty of mornings where it feels like a chore, just one more thing to do in order to get out the door. I have a feeling that some day, when she is big enough to braid her own hair I will miss it.

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