Monday, November 21, 2011

21) Sort Spoons

Getting ready for Thanksgiving means spending a little extra time in the kitchen. While I actually love cooking with my kids, I find cooking with my kids around to be one of the hardest things. So I am always looking for something the girls can safely do in the kitchen. Especially for the Bean who always keeps me company while I am working in there. So our most recent kitchen time activity has been sorting spoons. I take the plastic silverware caddy out of the dishwasher along with a handful of plastic spoons. The Bean loves putting all the spoons in the slots, dumping them out and sorting them again. This job keeps her busy for quite a while and the best part is when she is done, I take the caddy with spoons and stick it right into the dishwasher! What jobs do your kids enjoy doing in the kitchen? How do you keep kids busy while you are cooking?

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