Saturday, July 23, 2011

13) The Farmers Market (Waverly)

If you ask Bee what happens on Saturdays she will tell you that we go to the farmers market to get a muffin and that is what we do almost every Saturday. The 32nd street farmers market is just a few miles from our house and open year round so unless it is really, really cold we usually go. Our first stop is always the muffin lady, were everyone in our family gets their own muffin. This is usually followed by a cup of coffee for the parents, purchising any veggies and milk that we need and a stop at the pickles stand. Bee and Bean walk (or get pushed or get carried) through the market while munching on their muffins or pickles, or both and check out all the people and musicians. Bee's favorite part is checking out the musicians! This summer two high school boys have been at the market every week playing the guitar and keyboard. She loves these guys and they are pretty good. Last night at bed time she asked me what I thought they might be wearing today. Only our fashion sensitive 3 year old worries about stuff like that before going to bed. On a fashion note check out her new red sneakers, she is very excited about them!

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