Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11) Listen to Car Stories

We spend a good amount of time in the car and at some point a few months ago I started making up stories and telling them in the car to keep the troops quiet. However, after several moths of this going on I started running out of material. So I discovered two car story alternatives that have saved me from being the only car story teller.
The first is The Story Home both an app and podcasts, which can be downloaded onto your phone or computer and listened to in the car. I have both the app and the podcasts on my phone which I plug directly into the car and then we listen to the stories right over the car speakers. The stories range in length, and many classic favorites can be found in the collection. The Bee, always a fan of a good fairy tale has found plenty of stories to listen to.
The second is Barefoot Books podcasts. They also have a large variety of stories, many of the classics and a variety of lengths. These often have different storytellers, which is nice for a little variety. Both of these options have been great on the go solutions to a grumpy back seat. What do you listen to in the car with your kids? I would love some more care listening options!

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