Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2) What's On Your Childhood List: Obstacle Course

For the holidays we received "52 Activities for You and Your Toddler" cards by Lynn Gordon. The cards have a lot of great ideas for engaging and playing with your toddler, something that we are especially looking for as it gets colder and colder and we have more time indoors with Panda, our 20 month old son. Today we played "Over the Mountain"

Over The Mountain (in my words)
Materials: Cushions, Pillow, Chairs, Blankets

1. Set up materials in a path around the room. Start simple and increase as ready.
2. Help your child do a variety of activities- jump off cushions, jump from one cushion to another,  run around pillows, walk backwards, go under tunnels...
3. Lead your child around the course and vary your actions each time. Then switch and let them lead you. 
We used our large sofa cushions and a blanket to set up the obstacle course. First we walked around the pillows and then climbed from one pillow to another on feet and then on all fours. We also rearranged the pillows with gaps in between and walked in and out of the gaps. Panda loved this activity, he enjoyed climbing on the pillows the most. He even got some of his stuffed animals to accompany him on his journey. We also set up chairs and placed a large sofa cushion on the chairs, which created a tunnel! This was a very fun activity and Panda took a great afternoon nap after this.

Thanks to Allie for sharing What's On Your Childhood List! If you have something on your childhood list you would like to share send me an email: gillharveyk@gmail.com

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