Sunday, April 1, 2012

7) Inspiration: Puzzles

A few months ago we made these fun floor puzzles in our dining room. Ever since then the Bee has been on a serious puzzle spree. She loves figuring out how the pieces fit together and is so proud when she finishes a puzzle all by herself. At this point she has done every puzzle we own many, many, many times, so this week I am looking for a little puzzle inspiration.

Stuff to Make: I have seen lots of variations on the the DIY wooden block and popsicle stick puzzles but this one might be my favorite. A DIY Fabric Puzzle Blocks from Craftiness Is Not Optional. The Bean would probably like this puzzle/family photo album from Love Them Madly.

Things to Do: Lunch would be a little more fun with these puzzle sandwich cutters from Spoon Sisters. We have a few puzzles that have lost a piece or two. I like this idea of giving the puzzles pieces a new life as fridge magnets from Real Simple.

Books to Read: Seems like this might be a good puzzle related book to read.


  1. I bought a couple of blank cardboard puzzles at the Artist & Craftsman supply store. You can decorate them however you want then break them up along the pre cut lines. They were pretty cool. We used paint but permanent markers would give a better finish. But my oldest would not be talked out of the paint :) They're super cheap. Like 50 cents a sheet or so.

  2. So glad you posted this, we had to go there the other day to get some other stuff and I picked up a few! I had never noticed them there before. Now what to do with them...