Wednesday, November 30, 2011

23) Fort Drawing

The dining room table fort continues to be a favorite in our house. So last Saturday when I came in to find the Bee and her Dad laying under the dining room table I wasn't the least bit surprised. However when I saw them both laying there with there arms up like this I was a little confused. My husband then proudly showed me the new addition to the fort. I want to say here that while I always thought my husband was cool, his coolness level went way up at this moment, since this was all his idea. He had taken a long roll of paper and taped it to the underside of the dining room table. He and the Bee were laying on the floor drawing on the ceiling. At the moment I came in they were discussing potential names for their fort to draw on the paper. Both the Bee and the Bean have been into the new fort drawing idea and the best part is that since it is under the table I am not worried about if they get some on the wood or having to put it away!

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