Monday, February 13, 2012

93) Needle Felted Heart Sweater


I have to start this post by saying that it took me longer to chase the Bean down to get a picture of her in the sweater then it took to actually make the sweater. A few weeks ago I saw this awesome sweater on Pinterest, and had to give it a try. I used an old sweater the Bean already had, a heart shaped cookie cutter, some red wool roving (we also already had) and a felting needle and pad. I put the heart cookie cutter where I wanted the heart to be on the sweater. I then placed the roving into the heart and begin felting with the needle. I had to do a few layers of roving to fill the heart shape but the whole project took probably less then 10 minutes. The felted heart looks so cute and is perfect for valentines or any other day!

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