Monday, July 8, 2013

87) Rain Walk

It has been raining here almost every afternoon for weeks. The mornings are sunny and hot and then every afternoon just about the time we are all finished with nap and rest time, the sky turns grey and dark and it pours. Not for a really long time but long enough to ruin any afternoon outside play. While I appreciate the brief cool down the afternoon storms provide, they are really hindering some summer time fun. Last week, on a everyone is cranky kind of afternoon, we decided if you can't beat them join them. The girls got on all their rain gear, boots, coats, umbrellas, and we went outside. Of course all the gear was kind of unnecessary because within just a few minutes of splashing and playing they were soaked anyway. We walked around our neighborhood, splashing in the river like gutters and were quickly joined by some other neighborhood friends. All the kids had a blast, getting soaked, splashing, jumping, running. It was the perfect cure for our afternoon grumpiness!

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