Thursday, November 3, 2011

44) Rockfield Park Creative Playground

Our Playground Tour is starting to wind down as Fall is quickly becoming Winter, last week it snowed here! However we have a few more playgrounds we want to visit and so we have been taking advantage of whatever nice Fall weather we have to get out and play. This week we went to a beautiful playground in Belair called the Rockfield Park Creative Playground, located right next to John Carroll High School. The playground is just a little further out then Annie's playground, so it is a little bit of a drive but another super cool playground worth the trek. We immediately started referring to this as the castle playground because it has all these wooden towers, and since Rapunzel is one of the most talked about people at our house, that made this playground even more popular.  There is plenty to do at this playground and while it is sort of divided into a bigger kid and smaller kid areas it is all open making it easy to see kids wherever they are. There is a large sandbox, lots of slides, two sets of swings, a xylophone, tire tunnel and lots of cool bridges and climbing areas. Overall this playground is probably geared more towards big kids, however the girls found no shortage of stuff to do. The morning we went the playground was empty and the girls had the run of the place, I am not sure if it gets more crowded later on, but that made it nice them to check everything out. We talked to another mom there who mentioned that Annie's playground is being renovated and so she has started coming to this playground instead. If you are in the Belair area or looking for a little trip out of the city, this is a really fun playground to check out!

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  2. This looks exactly like the playground I used to play on growing up in Delaware.

  3. This looks exactly like the playground I used to play on growing up in Delaware.