Monday, March 19, 2012

102) Recycled Bottle Watering Cans

 I am always on the lookout for ways the girls can help in the garden. One of their most favorite ways is watering, but sometimes this can be more trouble then help. On a hot summer day I have no problem getting the hose out and letting them water the garden and themselves. However on a cooler day, or a day where we don't have time to get soaked and change clothes, letting them water is not an option. We do have a large watering can but the girls can't carry it when it is full of water (I barely can) and when they pour the water spills out everywhere. So when I saw this idea a few months ago on Pinterest from Hawaii Gardening I thought it might be the perfect solution to our watering problems. I have been holding on to two empty laundry detergent bottles so I began by  rinsing the soap residue out. Unfortunately I did this during nap time because the sink filled with bubbles that the girls would have loved playing in. Then using my handy dandy awl I poked a bunch of holes in the lid and one larger hole in the arm of the bottle. After I made two detergent watering cans, I saw an empty juice bottle in our recycling bin and thought I would give it a try. Again I used the awl to poke a bunch of holes in the lid. I didn't punch any holes in the body of the bottle for air. We took all three watering cans out back and gave them a try. They all worked great, but our favorite was definitely the juice bottle watering can. It was a little lighter and easier for the girls to carry and hold. Since it didn't have an air hole you did have to kind of shake it to start the water flow but The Bee had no problem getting it to work. The girls have had a great time watering our new pea, onion and lettuce plants that we planted last week. I am also thinking our new watering cans will double as fun pool toys this summer!

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