Thursday, December 22, 2011

71) Build Your Own Cardboard House Magnets

A few weeks ago I made Marvelous Magnet Mansions for our new Magnetic Chalkboard. The Bee and The Bean liked the magnets but really lost interest in them after a few days. I think the main reason for the loss of interest was that there wasnt much interaction to them. So I wanted to try again and make something that left the building to them. We started with a large piece of cardboard and some paint. The Bee painted the cardboard and when it was dry I cut it up into some smaller rectangles, triangles, half circles and a few other shapes. I then drew a variety of different houses and roofs onto the cardboard with black sharpie. After sticking a piece of magnetic tape on the back of each piece I gave them to the girls. They have had a great time mixing and matching the roofs and houses to create their own buildings and villages.

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