Wednesday, December 5, 2012

77) Arbutus Train Garden

Despite the 70 degree weather it is starting to feel a lot the winter. We have slowly been getting ready for the holidays, getting out decorations, making ornaments and visiting our first train garden of the season. I am never really sure what train gardens have to do with the holidays but the girls love going to see them so I am not going to question it. We recently were invited by the aunts and cousins to check out the train garden at the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department, which is located just off 695 and 95 in Arbuts. The train garden is open evenings and weekends until January 3rd and is free to the public (although they will gladly accept donations.) They have a large room filled with displays all at perfect toddler height! The girls and their cousins loved checking out the trains, houses and all the little figures. I liked that the whole display was in one big room so I could let them wander without worry. 

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