Friday, March 30, 2012

44) Eat A Pomegranate

When I was in fourth grade we had a spelling test every Friday. One Friday my teacher came in and held up this red, apple looking thing, and said she would give one extra credit point to anyone who knew what it was and two extra credit points to anyone who could spell it correctly. I did not get either extra credit point, but will never forget how amazed I was when she opened the pomegranate. The beautiful red color, the fact that you ate the seeds and how sweet they tasted. A few weeks ago we were in the grocery store and the Bee picked up a pomegranate and asked me what it was. I couldn't wait to show her. We got home and I cut open the pomegranate for the girls to see. Just like I had been, the Bee was amazed by all the little red balls. Both the Bee and The Bean loved the pomegranate and ate the seeds faster then I could get them out (just a side note, the seeds are small with a crunchy pit in the center, so I would watch any little ones eating them carefully in case of choking.) Since then pomegranates have become one of the favorite snacks. This week I found this great video on Pinterest from The Burlap Bag: De-seed a pomegranate in under a minute. Next time we will have to try this, it might help me to keep up!


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