Thursday, December 15, 2011

25) Grow Paperwhites

We recently borrowed the book Paperwhite By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace from the Library. A super cute story about Mina who grows Paperwhite bulbs with her neighbor to bring a little spring inside. As I am not a winter person and start missing spring in November, they thought of bringing a little spring in is really nice. So a few days after we read the book, when we saw some Paperwhite bulbs at the farmers market we gladly bought 6 to take home. It has been a long time since I grew Paperwhite bulbs, so I had to do a little research first. I read that Paperwhite bulbs don't need dirt to grow, the roots will grow in just water. So we filled two containers with some rocks from our backyard, a job The Bee and The Bean were happy to help with. One bulb we put into a glass mason jar so we could see the roots growing. The other 5 bulbs we put into a tin pail we had. After placing the bulbs into the rocks we filled the containers with water up to the base of the bulb. The directions I read about forcing Paperwhites said to let them sit in a shady spot until the roots start to grow and then move them to a sunny spot. Our bulbs have just started rooting so we are moving them to their new sunny home today. The Bee keeps checking on them, so I think she will be so excited when they actually start growing. I will post some more pictures as they grow and maybe a plea for help if they don't. Wish us luck and check back for an update!

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