Wednesday, September 11, 2013

90) Rubber Duck Wash

The last few days here we have been enjoying some indian summer weather. Well I say enjoying, the Bee and Bean have been enjoying the warm afternoons. My ankles on the other hand will be delighted when the temperatures return to the 70's. This afternoon has been particularly hot. Hot enough for even some of the local schools to close early. So to cool off we have spent most of the afternoon having a rubber duck wash, one of the Bean's favorite things to do on a hot day. We randomly have a large collection of rubber ducks, and even more randomly get a lot of use out of them. They play in the bathtub in the winter and outside in gutter races when it is warmer. Today they have been happily floating in our big red water table, filled with some cool water, a little soap and a few sponges. The Bean has been busy washing and scrubbing the little ducks clean. While we have used our ducks, any rubber bath toy, squirter or even plastic doll would be fun and if you don't have a water table any large plastic bin would work. So while tomorrow we are supposed to see a return to Fall weather, it has been nice to have one more hot afternoon to play in the water, even if my ankles don't love it.


  1. So cute! I was thinking about washing some stuff on the patio this afternoon too! Maybe we'll have to round up some animals. :-)

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