Sunday, September 18, 2011

8) The Sticker Club

Earlier this week the Bee was delighted to find a letter addressed to her in our mail. When she opened it we discovered this letter:

Welcome to the sticker club!! Please send one packet of stickers to the person listed in Spot #1 below. Move my name to the first spot and put your name in the second spot. Then send this letter to 6 of your friends.
If you can't do this within 6 days, please let my mom know because it would be unfair to those kids who have participated so far. Within the next 2 weeks you should receive 36 packets of stickers. It's a lot of fun and exciting to see where your stickers come from and it is always nice to get mail!

While this letter brought me some chain letter flashbacks, I think the concept is great! Especially in a world of emails and texts it is nice for kids to get some real mail! Now what should we do with all the stickers?

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