Friday, August 10, 2012

59) Jump the Waves

Every summer we take a trip to the beach with our family, it is probably my kids favorite week of the whole year! They love playing with cousins, building sand castles and spending the whole day at the beach. Last year the Bee nervously eyed the ocean all week while keeping a safe distance. Despite all the coaxing from her cousins she never went in. She then spent the rest of the year talking about how she was going to go in the ocean this summer. On our first day at the beach this year, she was again a little hesitant about the water, but seemed determined to go in. With just a little coaxing and some hand holding (literally) she bravely stuck her toes in. Within a few hours she was happily jumping waves with all the big cousins laughing and giggling the whole time. This year she spent the whole ride home telling me all about jumping the waves.

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