Tuesday, October 18, 2011

40) Seminary Park Playground

Today we visited a great playground only made better by the fact that we went with Cousin L. The Seminary Park Playground is located just off of Seminary Road but I knew it as the playground and fields that you can see at the intersection of 695 and 83 north. The playground, tucked back at the base of 83 and 695 has a lot of cool features, I have not seen at other playgrounds. While it has the normal climbers, slides, climbing wall, swings it also had this cool bridge (See above) that the Bee loved, a tunnel that the Bean and Cousin L enjoyed and a large sandbox that everyone loved. There is also a pavilion with picnic tables at the edge of the playground, but one of the most exciting parts to this playground, at least for the little ones we were with, was the fact that the light rail track is just on the other side of the playground and the train goes by every few minutes.
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