Saturday, January 14, 2012

79) Cow Parade

A few years ago in Baltimore their was a public art project called The Crab Town Project. Artists from all over the city decorated cast fiberglass crabs. The crabs were  placed around the city in public places and then auctioned off to raise funds for the city schools. A few weeks ago The Bee spotted one of the crabs and was very curious about why it was there and how it was made. So when we got home we looked at the Cow Parade website. The Cow Parade, the original project that inspired The Crab Town Project, is an on going international project that has now taken place in over 50 cities. Artists of all kinds are selected to transform the fiberglass cow form however they choose. The website has images of many of the cows and The Bee and I enjoyed checking them all out. The whole conversation made me think that we should try our own cow parade. So I traced a cow form onto cardboard and cut out several cows. A few days later The Bee painted each cow a different color using acrylic paint. I then gave her sequins, tissue paper, glitter glue and googly eyes and left her to decorate the cows on her own. She spent a long time carefully decorating each of the cows. When she was done I cut small strips of cardboard and slid them into a slit at the foot of each cow, so the cows would stand up. The girls then played with the cows setting them up to form their own parade.
If you would like to join our cow parade, simply make your own cow form out of cardboard, then decorate any way you would like. Send me a photo of your cow at


  1. In one city near us, they did a similar project with giant squirrels. In another, they did horses. There is actually a book about the horses. We had a copy and enjoyed reading it, but unfortunately, with a large family some books get read until they fall apart!

    1. I think I have seen the horses before but I have never seen the squirrels. The book sounds great, we will have to check it out! Do you remember the name?