Tuesday, February 19, 2013

75) Pick Seeds for the Garden

By this time of year I am usually pretty desperate for spring to come. I am never a huge fan of winter but after several months of cold, wet and gray, I am really ready for some warm, sunny afternoons spent playing outside. Even the kids, who seem a little more indifferent to the weather, seem ready for spring to be here. Since it will probably be a few more weeks of winter, we have started thinking spring thoughts to keep us warm. A few weeks ago I ordered some seed catalogs and we have spent a lot of time this week looking through them. This is our third summer in this house and our third summer in our raised vegetable bed. The last two summers we have just bought seeds at the garden center, but after last summer I decided we needed to do a little more seed research. Our garden last summer was fine but we ended up growing a lot of stuff we don't really love to eat, so by the end of the summer our garden was pretty much abandoned and overgrown. To prevent that from happening this year, I want to grow things we will really eat. So I have enlisted the help of the Bee and Bean. After the winter holidays they are seasoned catalog readers and have actually loved looking at the seed catalogs. The Bee has even started going through with a marker and circling what she thinks we should grow.
So far we have:
black beans
butternut squash
string beans
and an assortment of herbs

I love having the girl input and I am hopeful this will help them (especially the Bee) take even more ownership over the garden. I am even thinking of giving her , her own little plot to plant and grow whatever she wants. Even after 3 years I still feel like a gardening novice so if anyone has any tips or suggestions, I would love to hear from you!

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