Tuesday, June 5, 2012

55) Grow Peas

This is our 2nd summer growing a vegetable garden. I learned a lot from last years adventures that I used in the planning and planting of this years garden. One of the things we learned last year is that Peas are the best veggie to grow with kids. They can go in pretty early, we planted ours in March, even before the first frost and they were fine. They grow very quickly and grow vertically which means they are great if you don't have a lot of space. They also bloom and are ready to eat by early to mid-june. Which is perfect for little ones impatient for something to happen in the garden.

Last year we only grew a few and they were such a hit that we planted a lot more peas this year. Our crop was ready this week and yesterday we harvested and ate our first peas. According to the internet (how did people garden without being able to google "How do I know when peas are ready to be picked?) the peas are ready when they just start to fill out the pod. So the Bee helped me find and pick those pods. We then had a great time shelling, popping open the pods and scooping out the peas. While we did do some cooking with out peas I think they taste best just straight out of the pod. The girls apparently share my feeling since they were eating them faster then we could shell them!

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