Friday, September 2, 2011

23) The Walters Art Museum

While I personally am a big fan of taking kids to art museums I understand why a lot of people don't. It is quiet, filled with adults and has lots of things you are not supposed to touch. As a result it seems like a very unfriendly place for kids especially little kids. However, we discovered this morning that the Walters Art Museum has done a lot of little things that really make families and kids feel welcome. First of all every person we encountered was friendly, helpful and smiled at the kids. I know that is probably not in the job description but that goes a long way in making anyone, especially kids feel comfortable. Second in almost every gallery attached to the benches they have book holders with kids books related to the art or time period. The girls loved finding the books and looking at them. They also have different Family Guides posted around the museum with information and activities. Finally in the lower level of the museum they have a great FamilyArt Center. On weekends they have drop-in art activities but on the weekdays they have a large open play area just for kids. The play area has objects to touch, a magnetic portrait that you can change the facial features on, dress up clothes from all the different time periods of the artwork in the museum and a castle play house with puppets. Oh an did I mention the museum is free!

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