Tuesday, May 15, 2012

58) Gun Powder State Park Tire Playground (Hammerman Area)

Last Fall while writing a post about the Tire Park Playground at Patapsco State Park, I found some vague reference to another tire park playground in Gunpowder State Park. After spending a little time looking on the internet I couldn't find anything else about this playground. So, of course, I then began this bizarre quest to find and visit this mysterious 2nd tire park playground. I finally found the information that I was looking for on Kid Baltimore (which is a fabulous blog by the way, especially for Baltimore area friends) and it turns out I wasn't the only one who had trouble finding the where abouts of this playground. 

One morning a few weeks ago we had carefully constructed plans which, as often happens when you hang out with toddlers, fell apart. At 8:30 am with 2 kids already strapped into the car, I decided it was the perfect morning for a little adventure. Thanks to Kid Baltimore's post, getting there wasn't to bad. We drove out 695 to Belair Road and then turned right on Ebenezer Road weaving our way back to 7200 Grace's Quarters Road (thanks GPS!) When we got to the entrance of the park there was a $3 entrance fee to the park, although nobody was actually there to collect it, they did have little envelopes to put the money into. The park is essentially a large one way loop, as we drove around the loop we saw a few different playgrounds, and stopped off to check out the beautiful beach front area on the Gunpowder River. About 2/3 of the way through the loop we finally spotted the ever elusive Tire Park Playground. I am happy to say it was as good as we had hoped. With tire climbers, a tire car, a tire boat, tire bridge and huge metal slide, the girls were happy to play for a long time. There is a bathroom and picnic tables near by so it would be a great place to go for a picnic! I would also like to go back another day, when it is a little warmer to check out the beach area a little more. After playing for a good while we headed home with the satisfied feeling of mission accomplished.
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  4. Why did they remove the tire playground?