Wednesday, October 19, 2011

28) Playground Tour 2011- 2012 (Playground List)

We are currently on tour, a tour of playgrounds. We are taking advantage of the nice fall weather and visiting as many local playgrounds as we can. We are recording all our stops on the blog but I thought it would be nice to have a comprehensive list so here are all the playgrounds we have visited so far and I will continue to add to this list as we visit more!

1)Linkwood Playground:
Right off of Coldspring across from Loyola College this small playground has plenty to do, it is easy to keep an eye on kids playing and most important it is shaded all day long!!!!

2)Irvine Nature Center:
So well technically not a playground Irvine has this incredible outdoor classroom with a sand pit, bridges, stuff to climb on and play with. Not to mention tons of walking trails and picnic tables.

3)The Tot Lot:
Located in Rogers Forge the Tot Lot is great for little kids!

4) Annie's Playground:
So it is a little bit of a drive from Baltimore to get
here but definitely worth it! This playground is huge with lots and lots of stuff to do. Only downside it can be easy to loose little kids because it is so big.

5) Meadowood Park:
Located off of Falls Road this playground has walking trails, pavilions with picnic tables and two play areas one for 2-5 and one for older kids. Only downside, not a lot of shade so it can be really hot in the summer.

6)Sculpture Garden at the Baltimore Museum of Art:
Again this is not technically a playground but it is one of my favorite places to play outside. While you can't climb on the sculptures all the little paths are fun to walk on and it is a great place for hide and seek.

7) Stadium Place Playground (Waverly):
Located in Waverly right behind the YMCA this playground is a lot like Annie's playground. Very large with lots of stuff to do!

8) Hannah Moore Park:
In Reisterstown this playground is also part of a larger park with trail and a skate park. The playground is large and flat with different area for all ages and the best and biggest twisty slide I have ever seen!

9) Oregon Ridge Playground:
Located in Oregon Ridge Park, near the dinner theatre, this playground has play areas for big and little kids as well as a beautiful view of the park.

10) West Towson Playground:
A small playground just off of Towson Bypass and Joppa Roads, with fields, basketball courts and a fun dinosaur climber.

11) Patterson Park Playground:
Located in Patterson Park just off of Eastern Avenue, this playground is very cool!

12) Airport Playground:
Also know as the Dorsey Observation Area there is not much to this playground but the view makes the trip worthwhile!

13) Federal Hill Playground:
Located at the top of Federal Hill in Federal Hill Park another playground that is most impressive because of the views.

14) Sweet Air Playground:
Located in Jacksonville this playground has a lot of unique play equipment.

15) Honeygo Regional Park:
In White Marsh, this playground is a lot like Meadowood, with lots of fields and walking trails.

16) Bonnie View Park and Playground:
Small playground just outside of Mt. Washington Village, very new and very toddler friendly.

17) Kinder Farm Park and Playground:
In current standing as my favorite playground of the tour, awesome playground and farm animals!

18)Roosevelt Park Playground:
Small Hampden Playground with another dinosaur climber.

19) Seminary Park Playground:
A great hidden playground with lots to do, large sandbox and a view of the light rail trains.

20) Centenial Park Playground:
A large playground in Centenial Park with a cool climbing wall, lots of slides, bridges and monkey bars.

21) Patapsco Park Tire Playground:
This awesome playground is made almost entirely of recycled tires!

22) Wyman Park Playground:
A small playground in Wyman Park great for toddlers.

23) Rockfield Park Creative Playground:
With wooden towers this playground looks like a castle and has lots to do for kids of all ages.

24) Clemyjontri Playground:
Located in Virginia just outside of D.C this playground is the biggest one I may have ever seen! About an hour from Baltimore, this playground has so much to do, including a carousel, it is well worth the trip!

25) Valley Fields Park and Playground:
This small playground is located on Timonium Road, plenty of parking, great climber and slides for bigger kids, and a large field for running around.

26) Smith Play Place:
Located in Philly this playground is 6 1/2 acres of fun play!

27) Meadowbrook Park and Playground:
A large, well planned playground with trails, tennis courts, picnic tables and bathrooms.

28) Lake Montebello Tot Lot:
A good playground with great views!

29) Sailwinds Park East Playground:
Located just off of Route 50 half way between Baltimore and the beaches this large playground and park is a great place to stop and get a little energy out.

30) Gunpowder State Park Tire Playground (Hannerman Area):
Another fun playground made entirely of recycled tires!


  1. Looks like a great list of places to go! Thank you for linking up to The Sunday Showcase!

  2. Ahhh, why couldn't I have found this 2 months ago when it was warmer?! I've only been to a few of these and I'm too impatient to wait until spring so it looks like we'll be freezing our butts off on the slides!

  3. What a great list looks and sounds like so much fun !

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  6. Nice list! I started up a Baltimore playground collaborative Google Map - please edit and add these there - including links to the blog posts - that would be spectacular!

  7. New York has some of the best playgrounds in the country.

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