Tuesday, February 21, 2012

39) Water Balz Experiement


We have played with water beads before and loved them so when I saw these Water Balz by Dunecraft at the grocery story for $1.99 I thought we would give them a shot. They come in a small package with about 8 little balls. We took them out and put them in a bowl of water on our kitchen counter. Every few hours we came back to check on them, and took a picture. The Water Balz grow in water like water beads, they are the same consistency as water beads, but they grow much, much larger then water beads! After about 24 hours in the water they were slightly larger then a golf ball. The Bee and the Bean loved them, and because they were so big I wasn't worried about someone putting them in their mouth like I often am with the water beads. The best part is that after 24 hours I took them out of the water and left them on a plate on the counter. After a week of sitting there they had shrunk back down to their original size (although a few had broken while we were playing with them.) A few days ago we put them back into water and they grew again. I am not sure how many times they will dehydrate and rehydrate but for the price you could always get more!

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  1. I've never seen these but they look like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing :)