Wednesday, March 28, 2012

105) DIY Plastic Bag Jump Rope

 I really do make a huge effort to not get plastic bags, yet somehow they seem to multiply in our house. So on a quest to figure out something to do with them, I came up with this idea, what about a jump rope. The girls love jump ropes, although they haven't quite figured out how to actually jump rope yet (although the Bee is working on it.) They do however love to use them to limbo under, tie to a tricycle or wagon, drag things around, as a police stop in the bike traffic circle in our backyard, and many many other uses. So I figured I would try to make one from the plastic bags and was pleasantly surprised when it actually worked really well. To make the jump rope I started by taking plastic bags, and cutting them open so they were one flat piece. I then cut off the handles and any extra pieces so I was left with one large rectangle of plastic.
 Next I cut each rectangle into long strips. I just eyeballed it, since it doesn't really matter if the strips are the same width or even length. After cutting a few bags worth of strip, I started tying the strips together to a little longer then the length I wanted the jump rope to be. I made a total of 12 long strips.
 I then took six of the strips and taped them together with painters tape and taped the whole group to the back of a chair (if you ever made friendship bracelets as a kid you know exactly what I am talking about.) I then braided the six strips together into one very long, jump rope sized braid. Once I finished braiding the first 6 strips together I repeated this step with the second 6 strips so that I had two long plastic braids. I then twisted the two braids together tightly so that the jump rope would have enough weight to swing when jumping.
 After twisting the two braids together I taped the ends with duck tape to create a handle. We then took our jump rope outside for a test and it worked great. We tied one end to a chair and I swung the other end for the Bee to try jumping, which she loved. I am sure this afternoon it will get put to good use pulling wagons and tricycles. The plastic is surprisingly strong and seems to hold up well and the good news is I have plenty more plastic bags to make another one!


  1. that's a fabulous Idea. I would love to try this at home. Thanks for linking up at Kids Co Op

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  2. Fun idea. We have been braiding t-shirt strips into jumpropes but this may be more durable. I also try not to get plastic bags but they still show up around here. I love projects that repurpose things!

    1. Thanks Abbi! The t-shirts is a cool idea too! Did they work well?

    2. I am going to use this idea for my school earth club. I am always looking for ideas to repurpose trash.

  3. I definitely want to make this! We are obsessed with jump ropes lately! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Thanks Meliisa! I am glad to share, they were easy to make and very fun to use! Let me know how it goes if you make one!

    2. Thanks Melissa! If you make one let me know how it turned out! I would love to see it!

  4. These are great! I always felt guilty about throwing the plastic bags away. My wife and I have gotten really good about bringing our reusable shopping bags, but when the plastic ones were piling up around the house, I came up with another solution, called Recyclaballs

    I like how colorful yours turn out to be!

    1. Thanks Paco! Your Recyclaballs are awesome! I just watched the youtube vide so cool! We will have to try them out!

  5. How clever and resourceful of you!

  6. I like to join my bags by first laying them out, cutting off the bottom seam, and then cut into strips so they are actually loops. Then you can loop them together and don't have to tie them and have tails sticking out.

  7. Debbie. Great idea about the loops.

  8. So cute!

    I’d love it if you shared this with the Fun Family Crafts audience.
    FFC is similar to Craftgawker but it only features kid friendly tutorials.

    Looking forward to seeing what fun crafts you submit!

  9. Hi there,

    This is such a lovely reuse project. Can I ask if you would mind me sharing this idea on our new reuse website, in our baby and kids section. We are a new organisation based in the UK called Co-oproduct who are passionate about packaging reuse. We have just launched an Open Design, Make-It-Yourself web portal at :

    I would provide all credits of this work to you and also provide links to this great blog!

    Hope to hear from you soon regarding this.

    Thanks alot

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  10. Sorry you can email me directly if you prefer about this at:



  11. Very creative! I really appreciate how you reused trash and turned it into a activity encouragement tool. Jumping rope is a great activity to strengthen the heart. I am certain you will pass you creative tendencies down to the girls. Thank you for efforts to better the environment and allowing these girls to experience innovative creations.

  12. Thanks for this great idea. I'm looking forward to trying this for my grandchildren. They love jump ropes.

  13. Old blue jean material would work also for a jump rope and a sturdy one at that!

  14. Stunning your creative skills inspires me a lot...

  15. My daughter had a recycling project at school this week and we made this jump rope! She has so much fun braiding the bags last night!

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  19. This sounds a pretty clever idea! Will absolutely try out making one for my kids. Thank you for the great share!

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  21. My goddaughter woud deffinitely love this one :)

  22. Teaching a kids art camp this month. Trash to Treasure is our theme, so this will be great. However, took me almost two hours to make! Not sure I really needed the double braid, and they were constantly tangled as I went along. I'm thinking if you added strips as you braid, it would be easier for the kids to manage the sections.

  23. Fantastic idea, To make a jump rope out of dump plastic. This rope made up of plastic will be too strong and will also last long.

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  27. Jumping rope is a great exercise. I do it every day. I would advise everyone to jump rope...

  28. Replies
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  29. Hello, I LOVE this idea, thanks so much for sharing! Just wanted to let you know that we've linked to it in our blog post, 39 unexpected ways to reuse plastic bags -

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  35. Hi Katie,
    When you "twist the two braids together", did you tape them?
    Thank you,

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