Friday, March 9, 2012

50) The Thrift Store (Perry Hall Goodwill Super Store)

This week we took a trip to one of my all time favorite places, The Goodwill. I have had a long time love affair with thrift stores, one that comes from enjoying the challenge of finding something old and used and giving it a new life. We went with the intention of finding supplies for some projects we are working on and as is always the case at the thrift store we came home with a few additional surprise items. The Bee and Bean usually enjoy the thrift store mostly because there is so much to look at there. Not to mention that The Bee has an eye for finding great stuff at the thrift store that totally makes me proud. On our most recent trip we scored a little people airplane for The Bean, a new pair of gardening boots for me and an awesome yellow bunny kids chair for The Bee. Total cost $10.00!!!!


  1. I love a good trip to the thrift store! So fun!

  2. That girl makes her momma and aunts so proud!!